The winners of the 2014 Sexiest Vegan Next Door contest have been announced. The two lucky winners will each receive a free trip to Hawaii, courtesy of and donated by To start preparing for your run for the title of 2015 Sexiest Vegan Next Door, go vegan!

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Ashley and Ryan Have Been Named the Sexiest Vegans Next Door for 2014!



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ashley describes herself as a true "animal activist" who does not eat, wear, or abuse animals in any way. She decided to ditch meat in 2008 when she learned about routine practices in the factory farming industry, which include confining animals to filthy sheds and small cages, growing chickens so large so quickly that their legs and organs can't keep up, and cutting off pigs' tails without using any pain relief. But when she learned that the egg industry kills millions of male chicks every year by tossing them into a grinder or suffocating them in trash bags, she decided to forgo all animal products and go vegan.

The Pittsburgh native credits her vegan diet with helping to alleviate pain in her knees and fingers, but the many health benefits are only one of the perks of being vegan. Ashley says that her favorite thing about being vegan is "being free from the cycle of animal cruelty." She shows her love for animals by running marathons to raise money for her local humane society, reaching out to the mayor of Pittsburgh about getting the Meatless Monday program implemented in Pittsburgh Public Schools, and visiting area animal shelters.

But it isn't all work for this brainy beauty who works in the tech industry. When she's not busy working on digital design and social media, she loves exploring the many vegan-friendly restaurants that Pittsburgh has to offer, rooting for the hometown sports teams, exploring the local art scene, and participating in a vegan book club.



Charlestown, Rhode Island

Ryan, a lifelong resident of Rhode Island, considers his decision to go vegan seven years ago the "most fulfilling and rewarding" one he has ever made. And his reason for making the switch? PETA's eye opening video "Meet Your Meat," which exposes the truth behind factory farming. The expression "wouldn't harm a fly" applies to Ryan literally—in addition to eating vegan, wearing animal-free clothing, and caring for his animal companions, he looks out for insects by carefully moving them out of harm's way.

This sexy fitness buff owns a women's adventure boot camp company, which he runs with his wife, Danielle, who is also vegan. Together, they regularly use their business to raise money for local animal shelters. Ryan, who studied community health education, has long been involved in fitness but says that since going vegan, he has "more energy, less stress, better sleep, increased muscle tone, increased endurance, vibrancy, no anxiety, and, most of all, a zest for life." He participates in sports leagues, adventure races, and 5K road races and credits his healthy vegan lifestyle with giving him the endurance that he needs.

When the vegan duo aren't busy working or working out together, you can find them caring for their three dogs and one cat and planning for their first child, who is due in May 2014. And of course, they will be raising their baby vegan, too!