Anti-Flag's Tips for DIY Activism

Onstage and off, the impassioned punk band Anti-Flag is unapologetically loud about the world's injustices. These politi-punks treat every moment in front of the microphone as an opportunity to fight for human and animal rights. Given their in-your-face activism while performing at and participating in a decade of protests, Anti-Flag well deserves to be the first band to represent PETA's "Never Be Silent" campaign.

But you don't need to rock out on stage to stay loud for animals. Anti-Flag's vocalist, Justin Sane, and their bassist, Chris #2, share tips on how you can unleash your inner activist. If you don't think animals are ours to eat, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any way, then speak up for them! Watch Justin and Chris #2's exclusive interview to get tips on finding your voice and never being silent for animals:

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