Deprived of everything that is important and natural to them, animals on factory farms live in stressful conditions. Crammed by the thousands into filthy, windowless sheds and confined to wire cages and other cruel confinement systems, 40 billion animals are killed every year for their flesh. Animals are curious and intelligent and deserve a life of freedom.

Five Ways to Speak Up for Animals Used for Food

Five Ways to Speak Up for Animals Used in Entertainment

Here are five easy ways to use your voice for animals used for food:

  1. Sharing is caring! Share a video on Twitter and Facebook.

    Although awareness of the cruelty on factory farms has certainly increased, many people don't know what really happens before their food gets to their plates. Share the video the meat industry doesn't want people to see or choose from the hundreds of our YouTube videos to share on your Facebook page and Twitter feed. You'll be saving lives with just a few clicks of your mouse! How easy is that?

  2. Post photos of vegan food!

    Photos speak a thousand words, and besides, why not make people jealous of all the delicious food you are enjoying? Tweet a photo of your latest compassionate cuisine and create an album on your Facebook profile of nothing but photos of yummy vegan food. Once your friends and family see all the mouthwatering grub they are missing out on, they are going to be calling you up to come over for dinner!

  3. Rock animal-friendly gear!

    Whether you are at the park with your dog or picking up your dry cleaning, you can speak up for the billions of animals on factory farms simply by rocking animal-friendly clothing and accessories! From liberation tees to necklaces that start conversations, never miss a chance to demonstrate that you are proud of your meat-free lifestyle!

  4. Host a vegan barbecue!

    Get those barbecues fired up! The sky's the limit when it comes to vegan grilling, and hosting a vegan barbecue is a great way to show meat-eaters how much fun vegan eating can be. Check out these delicious vegan barbecue recipes and don't forget to have some pro-vegan literature on hand for your guests to take home with them!

  5. Pass out pro-vegan leaflets at ballgames!

    Going to a ballgame this summer? Bring along some of PETA's new leaflets to pass out to sports fans that discuss how many pro athletes have embraced eating vegan. Contact PETA's Action Team coordinator in your area with your name, mailing address, and contact info, and he or she can send you some leaflets for free! You'll have fun passing out the leaflets, all while speaking up for animals on factory farms.

Helping animals used for food is fun, and it helps you never be silent about cruelty to animals! To stay up to date on all the latest PETA news, be sure to connect with PETA on Twitter and Facebook!

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