Whether they're at a zoo, on a film set, or under a circus tent, animals used in the entertainment industry are trapped and forced to perform daily tasks that are unnatural and often painful for them. All animals deserve freedom.

Five Ways to Speak Up for Animals Used in Entertainment

Five Ways to Speak Up for Animals Used in Entertainment


Here are five simple ways that you can be the voice for those who are abused by the entertainment industry. Read on and remember to join PETA's Action Team in order to receive help every step of the way:

  1. Circuses such as Ringling beat elephants with bullhooks and force them to perform cruel and painful tricks. If you've already taken action to stop the cruelty and shared the link on Facebook, then take the next step and protest Ringling when the circus arrives in your town. Contact PETA's Action Team coordinator in your area to get more information!
  2. There's nothing funny about using endangered primates in ads—and 10 of the top 15 advertising agencies in the world agree. Learn more about animals abused in advertising and urge your friends and family to boycott films that use animal actors. Opt for movies that use CGI effects instead!
  3. It's plain and simple: Zoos imprison animals (often in tiny, filthy, barren enclosures) in order to profit from people who come to gawk. Instead of visiting a zoo this summer, organize a weekend trip with your friends to a reputable sanctuary!
  4. Animal abuse doesn't just stop at the big top or on the movie screen—look for it in everyday situations and keep an eye out for local fairs, "sports," and other activities that use animals. When you do encounter abuse, remember to speak up by passing out PETA literature and discussing the issues with passersby.
  5. Animals used in entertainment are in danger themselves and also pose a threat to their handlers and the public. Make the decision to inform your neighborhood and community about this issue by setting up an information table in a public place and passing out flyers. Get your friends to join or get together with local activists!

Helping animals used for entertainment doesn't stop here—connect with PETA on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed about the latest demonstrations, events, and petitions, and remember always to take a stand for animals!

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