It only takes a moment to change the life of an animal facing abuse and exploitation. Find your voice.

Every day, animals lose their lives in awful ways. From the factory farm to the dinner table, they are mutilated, crammed into cages, and killed in painful ways. They are shackled, beaten, and forced to perform for entertainment. They are poisoned and blinded in experiments. And they are skinned alive for fashion. They suffer, yet they cannot ask for the abuse to stop. That's up to us. Pledge never to be silent in the face of abuse and exploitation. Find your voice—here and now.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Never miss an opportunity to use your voice for animals. Twitter and Facebook offer great platforms in which to talk about animal rights. What inspires you never to be silent? The following are ways to let your voice be heard:

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Add your voice to the chorus of others working to end animal suffering. Never miss an opportunity to speak out when you see an animal in trouble.

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Speak Up For Animals Who Are...

  • Used For Food

    When people ask you why you don't eat animals, don't just call it "a personal choice." Instead, paint a vivid picture of cruelty to animals and explain how easy it is to go vegan!

  • Used For Clothing

    Never let a fur-wearer pass you by without letting him or her know that animals were beaten, drowned, or skinned alive for that fur.

  • Used For Experimentation

    Write letters to companies that still conduct cruel experiments on animals, such as Nestea.

  • Used For Entertainment

    The next time the circus comes to town, be sure to tell friends and families with kids that trainers use bullhooks and electric prods to force animals to perform, and ask them not to go to the circus.

  • Companion Animals

    Always speak up if you see someone yelling at or yanking a dog on a leash. Ask the person to stop.

Your Voice Can Save Millions

From shopping compassionately to cooking delicious vegan meals for friends, helping animals is easy! Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Take literature with you wherever you go and leave it everywhere—at the Laundromat, on the bus, and in waiting rooms, dressing rooms, bookstores, coffee shops, and grocery stores.

  • Use your connections. Members of local organizations can talk to their clubs about offering vegan meals at all functions. If you belong to a church or synagogue, ask about vegan options at dinners and fundraisers.

  • Set up an information table during fairs, community events, and gatherings—wherever there are people to talk to about animal rights. Or stand on a busy street corner or in a train station and pass out free PETA literature to passersby. We'll send you everything that you need and give you tons of great tips and talking points.

  • Plan a demonstration. Organizing a protest is not scary or difficult and can be as simple as passing out leaflets and holding posters. PETA has all the information that you'll need to hold a successful demonstration.

  • Join PETA's Action Team today to be a part of the growing movement to help animals. Whether you like to be out on the front lines or prefer to work behind the scenes, PETA's Action Team has everything you need to help stop animal suffering. Join today!

  • For more ideas on how to help animals, check out our Everyday Activism Guide.