Companies That Do Not Test on Animals : A-Z

M PETA Mall Partner
V Vegan Company
Features PETA Logo

Ógra Skincare
1121 Apothecary V
1944 Vegan Skincare V
2 Beauty Ex., Inc.
2Soles V
3107 Skincare
415 Labs V
A Perfume Organic V
Abhati V
Abra Therapeutics
Absolute Miracle
Acquarella Polish V
Active Concepts
Acure (Better Planet Brands)
Adorn Cosmetics V
Advanced Cosmeceuticals
Affinage Professional
Africa Organics (The Esse Trust) V
Afterglow Cosmetics
Ahal (Iyari Waneika, S.A. de C.V.)
AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories Ltd. V

Frequently Asked Questions

Companies That Don't Test on Animals

What types of companies are on the "Don't Test" list?
How does a company get on the list?
How does a company license PETA's cruelty-free logo?
How do I know that these companies really don't test on animals?
What about a product whose label says, "No Animal Testing", but whose manufacturing company is not on PETA's "Don't Test" list?
What if a company isn't on either of PETA's lists?
Why do some companies' product labels say, "No Animal Ingredients", when, in fact, the products contain beeswax, lanolin, whey, etc.?
How often are PETA's product lists updated?

Companies That Do Test on Animals

Why are these companies included on the "Do Test" list?
What if a company isn't on either of PETA's lists?

Companies Working For Regulatory Change

What does "Working for Regulatory Change" mean?