"Veggie Love" was too hot for NBC, but the girls who didn't make the cut were too hot even for PETA! Still, these delicious hopeful models and their favorite crisp vegetables definitely piqued our interest and made us hungry for more.

  • Kortney
  • Naila
  • Brittany
  • Nara
  • The Twins
  • Carol
  • Nikolette
  • Nicole
  • Maggie
  • Joey


Dave Laden

Dave Laden of Hungry Man, Inc., was chosen to direct PETA's "Casting Session." Vegetables have been a part of his life since childhood-even before-but using them in this way was something new for Dave. "When I got there in the morning to set up the shoot and figure out which veggies would go with which actor and the action for each, well, I had no idea what a daikon even was! Now I'm fully aware of all the different qualities of each vegetable. Believe me-I'll never look at a radish the same way again."

Dan Neri

Creative Director Dan Neri, whose passion for root vegetables is legendary, also hosts a weekly seminar alerting children to the dangers of running with scallions. When he's not creating provocative, award-winning ads for PETA, Dan enjoys surfing and cupcakes, often simultaneously.