PETA Members Speak Out

PETA's Vanguard Society and Augustus Club members provide the financial support that makes our lifesaving programs for animals possible. Read their testimonials and submit your own about your dedication to and support of PETA and animal rights.

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Tom and Jayn Meinhardt

Tom and Jayn Meinhardt - Augustus Club Members

Although we had always loved animals, our activism got a kick to the rear (figuratively) when Bob Barker gave a press conference about a local veterinarian (ours!) who was pouring corrosives down dogs' throats in a product testing laboratory in the basement of his veterinary clinic. How could we not get involved? We have left our entire estate to PETA, knowing that the money that we have worked hard for over the years will leave a legacy of helping animals. We urge our fellow animal rights friends to have their wills done to make sure that their estates go where they want upon their passing, and to consider leaving a gift to support PETA's critical work for animals.

Krista Hiddema and Nigel Osborne

Krista Hiddema and Nigel Osborne - Vanguard Society and Augustus Club Members

PETA has, more than any other organization, brought awareness to people about how animals are affected by what they wear, eat, use, or deem to be entertainment. Not only do we give as much as we can to support their amazing work today, PETA has also been a fundamental part of our estate plans. We want to know that our values will be supported by the work that PETA does long after we are gone.

Anne Barasch

Anne Barasch - Vanguard Society Member

I am a supporter of numerous animal rights and animal welfare organizations, but none is so near and dear to my heart as PETA. It is because PETA is the one organization you can count on to educate the public on the horrors befalling animals in almost every arena. The effectiveness of their campaigns and public education is beyond compare. My respect runs deep for Ingrid and the individuals who work at PETA to sustain its ongoing efforts on behalf of animals. To each and every one of you, I say thank you so much for the work you are doing to help the helpless.

Victoria Moran

Victoria Moran - Vanguard Society Member

PETA gets things done for animals. They were vegan when vegan wasn't cool. They're honest when honest isn't popular. And PETA won't stop until the suffering ends.

Debbie Goodman

Debbie Goodman - Vanguard Society and Augustus Club Member

As the daughter of two Holocaust survivors, I believe compassion is an ethical imperative. PETA embraces this principle, making it manifest in the world. My financial donations to PETA extend my efforts far beyond what I can accomplish on my own.

Melissa Carbone

Melissa Carbone - Vanguard Society and Augustus Club Member

I am beyond proud of my affiliation with PETA because they are on the front lines doing the work others won't. I believe we will look back one day on the work of PETA similarly as we do the work of Martin Luther King.

Laura and David Frisk

Laura and David Frisk - Vanguard Society and Augustus Club Members

We have been PETA members for many years, donating generously and naming PETA in our will, because PETA has done more for animals than any other animal rights group in the world!

Irene Crowe

Irene Crowe - Vanguard Society and Augustus Club Member

I am a longtime admirer and supporter of PETA. It was PETA's work which first opened my eyes to the overwhelming animal suffering surrounding me. I think PETA's special contribution is the example of not only caring but systematically confronting all animal suffering.

Melissa Li

Melissa Li - Vanguard Society Member

PETA has been at the forefront for the rights of animals for three decades, and I'm so grateful that I can contribute to its continued and growing success. Every staff member I've met is my hero. They are incredibly innovative and effective.