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Before sharing our military trauma training campaign with friends, please take 30 seconds or less to e-mail your Congressional representative. Ask your representative to urge President Obama to end the Department of Defense's (DoD's) use of animals in trauma and chemical-casualty training exercises.

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Tell Everyone About Military Training on Animals

In current military training exercises, live pigs are shot, stabbed, and burned; live goats have their legs broken with bolt cutters and cut off with shears; and live monkeys are poisoned with harmful chemicals. The best way for you to help is by speaking up. You can be the voice for these suffering animals by sharing this information with everyone you know. Below are just a few of the many ways you can share this information online and help these animals.

Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are all the rage these days, and chances are good that you're a member of at least one of these sites. If you spend time scanning your "tweets" on Twitter and poking friends on Facebook, why not take a few moments to help animals by spreading the word about our trauma training campaign? Here are a few easy tips for using your social network to inform others about the military's cruel training exercises:


Become a fan of PETA's Facebook page. It will only take a few seconds and will let all your friends know that you're fighting to end the use of animals in these exercises.


Add PETA as a MySpace friend. You can read our blogs and bulletins, watch videos, leave comments, and more. Keep informed about the military trauma training campaign with our blogs and bulletins.


Follow @PETA. By following PETA on Twitter, you can get the latest updates on the military trauma training campaign and chat directly with a PETA staff member.

"Tweet" for the animals who are suffering in trauma training exercises. Tweet this message, RT (retweet) our tweets, and let your friends know that they can follow us too.

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If you're not into social-networking and have no idea what a "tweet" is, that's OK. You can share details about the campaign with friends by sending an e-mail. Just fill out the short form below and we'll do the rest.

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