PETA's 2010 State of the Union Undress Transcript

Members of Congress, distinguished guests, and fellow citizens:

America has experienced some major changes since our last State of the Union. A hopeful country looks on while a new leader strives to arouse in us our passion for a better future.

As we fight for animals at PETA, it has been our privilege to arouse America in our own way ... and our unique honor to turn Americans on ... to a kinder way of living.

As the health care debate rages in Congress, we have urged Americans to take matters into their own hands with a healthy vegan diet.

And for those of you who are taking matters into your own hands—even at this very moment—I applaud your dedication.

The health of our economy has also occupied America, but PETA has not allowed tough times to slow down our tough campaigns against companies like McDonald's and KFC. While the deficit goes up, our fight for animals goes on ... and when necessary, our shirts come off.

Willing as we are to take off our clothes to help animals, we are just as willing to take on the institutions that hurt them: Ringling Bros. learned this the hard way as a shocking PETA exposé revealed the naked truth about cruelty in the circus.

And we did not stop there. It has always been our policy to show people as much as they need to see in order to make them ... stand at attention.

PETA's pressure is changing the fashion industry as well: With Urban Outfitters dropping fur and H&M banning exotic animal skins, it's easier than ever to make a fashion statement without hurting animals.

Even so, that's no reason to let your clothes get in the way of making a point.

And we have made our points forcefully: From the pressure that caused Texas Tech to stop deadly experiments on cats ... to the negotiations that caused Dollar General to stop selling glue traps ... from the outreach that caused Sprint to stop advertising with great apes ... to the investigation that forced sweeping reforms in the horse-racing industry ... we have held nothing back in our quest to thrust America forward.

Let us therefore take strength in the knowledge that we will never soften our demands while the food that people eat is tainted by cruelty ... that we will never tire while animals suffer in experiments ... and that as long as retailers make clothes out of the fur and skin of sensitive, innocent beings, we will stand against them—naked, if necessary—and defy them to continue.

Thank you.

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