Members of Congress, distinguished guests, and fellow citizens, we are gathered here today for PETA's second annual State of the Union Undress.

As more and more is revealed during the moments that we have together today, I know that many of you will find yourselves with some very hard  — decisions to make.

In the time that has passed since PETA's last State of the Union Undress, we have worked tirelessly to lay bare the cruelty of industrialized farming practices, to strip away the lame excuses given by fashion houses that continue to use fur, and to reveal the naked truth about those individuals who mercilessly abuse animals in the name of experimentation and entertainment.

We have performed our mammoth task with every tool available to us: From the discussions that led Smithfield, Burger King, and Wendy's to give more space to the millions of pigs and chickens crammed into cages in their suppliers' factories … to the outreach and education that led Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Vivienne Westwood to remove the fur from their lines and convinced Denny's to end its promotion of the Ringling Bros. circus … to the provocative demonstrations against KFC’s hideous abuse of chickens and Burberry’s heartless sale of fur that caused thousands of astonished men and women to stop in their tracks … and pay attention.

If the citizens of this country are truly going to distance themselves from an outdated, oppressive mentality of cruelty and violence against animals, we will be required first to cast aside our prejudice. Our blindness to injustice. Our fear of change. … And, occasionally … our underwear.

Now is the time to stop piling our plates with foods that were obtained at a price of terrible suffering … to start buying products that were created with care and compassion instead of cruel experiments on living beings … and to turn our backs forever on any such cheap entertainment that comes at so high a cost for animals.

And here and now, I ask you to join me in saying: From this day forth, I will be fur-free!

And I, for my part, will promise you that we will redouble our efforts … that we will continue our noble mission of ending exploitation and abuse of animals with determination and with great courage—and that we will allow nothing at all to hold us back from our goal. Thank you.