Over the last 30 years, PETA and our members have done an unprecedented amount of work for animals, and 2009 was one for the record books! We've had one of our most successful years of helping animals yet, through massive victories with companies, campaigning on sidewalks and in the boardrooms, gaining extensive media coverage all over the world, and have put together a large sampling for you in this map of accomplishments. Join us in making 2010 an even bigger and better year for animals!

Understanding the Map
Explore this map and see how far our reach extended in just one year. The red dots represent a protest or event being held in that area, the green dots represent victories, and the yellow dots represent miscellaneous items. Narrow your search by selecting a specific campaign or category, and scroll over the map to get more information on some of our greatest accomplishments.

PETA's Map of Accomplishments
Campaign: Event: