Do you strive to make a difference in the world or know someone who does? Tell us about it! Get started now by filling out the form and sharing your story. Upon review, one lucky winner will be chosen and profiled in an upcoming issue of PETA's Animal Times with their inspirational story.

10/8/2008 2:35:56 PM

The HART no-kill cat shelter in Cumberland Maine stands above the rest. They care for and place all cats,feral cats,HIV and lukemia positive cats, while other shelters kill these special needs animals. 207-829-4116

Trilby Brayman

10/8/2008 12:39:00 PM

Jessica Mullin. Writes schools paper about being a vegetarian, school debates over animal cruelty, worked on the prop 2 campaign, has abopted many animals in need, and had convienced other young people to be a vegetarian.

Karyn Mullin

10/8/2008 6:51:04 AM

My nomination goes for Mirka Bokrosová, Angelina Szökölová, Alenka Samuelová and vet. Andrej Vajzer in Nové Zámky, Slovakia, who makes voluntary a difference for 70 dogs every day at shelter.

Livia Haulik

10/7/2008 2:25:17 PM

Paige Strackman’s "Saving the Lives of Malnourished Children,” an AMEX Members Project finalist, will receive between $100,000 and $1.5 million to feed severely malnourished children around the world. Video:

shelley wenk

10/7/2008 12:51:42 AM



10/6/2008 1:06:50 PM

I nominate Jenny Brown. Jenny left a glamorous job to provide happy health and homes to hundreds of abandoned, rescued and abused farm animals when she created Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Erica Julien

10/6/2008 6:04:03 AM

Lara Midzuk -- She has an incredibly deep love of all animals. She makes every effort to use only products that have not been tested on animals. Her Love and effection for animals has rubbed of on those around her.

Gavin Jersky

10/6/2008 12:41:12 AM

I nominate ROBIN FEJES, for the years she has volunteered her time, services, expertise, money and has advocated on behalf of animals, throughout the world in anyway she could and continues to, no matter what. Her ideas are unique and work.

Max Castillo

10/5/2008 5:41:46 PM

Judy Woods of Pigs Peace Sanctuary in Stanwood Wa. This tiny 5'3" woman is simply put "amazing". Almost 200 pigs rescued from "factory farms" and abusive situations will live out the lives they were meant too because of Judy.

Charlene Haney

10/5/2008 5:22:25 PM

I nominate myself, because i am a strict vegetarian and have been for almost 4 years now. I love animals so much and i do everything and anything i can to help them. To me animals are the most beautiful creatures on this earth.

paola gesualdi

10/5/2008 1:53:02 PM

I Vote for Robbie Coy

Pauline Chohnis

10/5/2008 11:27:21 AM

I nominate my neighbor Jill. She has rescued countless dogs from abusive situations, ranging from neglect on chains to puppy mills, and has found loving homes for them all. She has saved over 128 dogs in just the last few years alone

Elizabeth Karle

10/5/2008 11:12:05 AM

Dori Scofield is the owner of Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue.This past summer, Dori's home caught fire and all of her beloved pets and personal belongings perished.If ever there was a person more deserving of being featured in PETA, it is Dori.

Natalie Fitterman

10/5/2008 12:12:01 AM

I purchase only cruelty free products. I have nine cats. I have saved 18 cats. I am active in a local non-profit spay neuter group. I am referred to as the "catwoman." I will never stop fighting for animals.

shannon wolk

10/5/2008 12:01:07 AM

I have 4 dogs, 3 of whom had it pretty bad, before they met me. I know that my care and concern for animals has made those around me open their eyes to the plight of abused animals. Thank you Laura Butorac

Laura Butorac

10/4/2008 11:52:20 PM

My nominee is Margie Hair. She doesn't manage a rescue organization or have a fancy title but she has taught me what true kindness really is. Her unending faith and quiet nature is inspirational.

Katherine Lishman

10/4/2008 6:51:43 PM

hi my name is rachael and i nominate myself.last year my teachers dog needed surgery so i raised $57 but it was to late she put it to i donated the money to the aspca.i would risk my life to save animals.

rachael hendrick

10/4/2008 5:25:31 PM

Aisling Goodwin Im a member of PAWS, ARAN, WSPA, Greenpeace and PETA for years and do alot of fundraising and voluntary work and want to tell my story.

Aisling Goodwin

10/4/2008 5:13:51 PM

Robbie Coy

Patty Chong-Yen

10/4/2008 12:19:02 PM

"conciencia activa monterrey" a group of people who tells people why veganism makes a difference for animals,the environment and our health,by making protests,campaigns,concerts,shows videos and talks,and inform to eveyone they know

liliana fernandez