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"I had a 'puppy shower' for a new arrival, Baxter. I found doggie decorations at Party City; my friend made a dog bone shaped cake with Baxter's name on it; he received all kinds of gifts including chewies, soap, a brush, a new bed … too much to list. I had about ten girlfriends show up. We played 'shower games' geared more towards doggie names, etc. It was an absolute great time!"

—Heidi Watson, talking about her rescue dog Baxter's "shower"
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Ingrid Newkirk's new book, Let's Have a Dog Party!, gives dog guardians oodles of tips and tricks on how to celebrate your canine every day!

Packed with anecdotes from PETA's president and many other dog-friendly folks, this book is a "must-have" for any dog parent and includes the following:

Party plans and themes, from the simplest private fête just to show your dog you care to festive soirées that can include your friends and family members (and their pooch pals).

Scrumptious celebrity recipes for four- and two-legged party guests, with submissions from Jackie Chan, William Shatner, and Alicia Silverstone.

Gift suggestions, party games, and loads of tips for finding Fido's next favorite toy (no trip to the mega-mart required!).

Let's Have a Dog Party! is now available in PETA's catalog. Purchase your copy today!

“If you have a dog, you need to buy this book.” — Bill Maher

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