Meet Hello Doggy

Hello Doggy was born on November 21 and spent some time in an animal shelter before being adopted by his devoted guardians, who now provide him with a loving home in Norfolk, Virginia. Hello Doggy likes to spend his time playing catch with his human "dad" and hide-and-seek with his "mom," eating great nutritious vegan food, and making new friends.

Hello DoggyHello Doggy is a total party animal. This passion for parties started when his "parents" threw him his first themed dog party ("Welcome to Your New Home"). Little did they know that they were starting a tradition of fun for all the neighborhood dog people. They've had birthday parties featuring scrumptious cakes and cookies made just for doggies, and Millie the mutt (Hello Doggy's very best friend) threw a howling good luau to which the happy humans came dressed in Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts and enjoyed the traditional Hawaiian pudding dish haupia—the dogs loved it too!

Although Hello Doggy loves fiestas, bark mitzvahs, and movie nights, his all-time favorite party is the "total relaxation" party that his parents throw for him every week—an hour of massages, cuddles, and kisses fit for the king that he is!

Whenever Hello Doggy needs a little inspiration for the next great party, his mom pulls out their favorite book, Let’s Have a Dog Party!, which is packed with theme and invitation ideas, great party favors, and yummy recipes for the whole family.

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