'I Confess …'

Many caring people can look back at a time when they should have done more for an animal. Perhaps at the time, they felt they were just "too busy" or simply "didn’t know any better." Perhaps you used to confine your dog to a crate or chain them outside without realizing this was not what was best for them. Maybe you spent money at a pet store by purchasing a purposely bred animal rather than adopting a homeless one from your local animal shelter.

While we can't change the past, we can learn from it. All of us have the potential to liberate ourselves from our pasts and start anew by confessing our wrongs and beginning to improve the lives of the animals who are in our lives today.

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1/4/2009 8:50:58 AM

As a kid I adopted a guinea pig from a family friend who no longer wanted her. I feel horrible for how she lived in my care--all alone, in her cage 90% of the time. I've since learned that guinea pigs are serious pack animals--she must have been so lonely and miserable. It makes me sick to think about it. I've seen these elaborate setups people have posted online of these amazing guinea pig habitats they made. A fun and comfortable setup with one or two other guinea pigs would probably have set her up happily for life; it's not like you need to take them on a 3 mile walk everyday or worry about barking and separation anxiety. They just want some friends.

12/15/2008 1:50:13 AM

About two years ago, my mom had bought me a rabbit for my birthday. I had always wanted a rabbit and then i finally had one. I named him Snickers and I took good care of him when i brought him home. Eventually i became more busy with things and that eventually led to being more lazy. I didn't spend enough time with Snickers. A year went by and i still felt like i needed to spend time with him but i was never motivated enough. And..eventually..the day came where i forgot to feed him and i didn't even realize..i had forgotten all about him. Then about a week later i go out to his cage because i figured i should play with him and he's not there. My sister told me he died from starvation. I cried and cried and the guilt was just too overwhelming. I still feel overly guilty about that and i still miss Snickers. I'm really sorry bud. You have no idea...

11/12/2008 4:00:32 PM

I have a gerbil from Petsmart when I got him i had no idea what they were doing

12/31/2008 3:10:20 PM

We put my 14 year old dog down yesterday. She was crippled from arthritis in her back and could barely walk. She also had lost bowel control a year ago and it had reached the point of daily accidents with pee and poo. I wanted to put her down 6 months ago, she seemed so unhappy but my husband was holding on. We would go out and come home to find her covered in feces because she would have an accident and than try to stand up and couldn't so she would smear it all over the tile, carpet and herself. I feel horribly guilty for not treating her better in the last few months. The least thing I did bad is I did not sit with her more often so she was alone on her bed a lot. The worst is that I yelled at her a few times for the huge messes and even started crying that I wished she would just die. I know how horrible that sounds and I am so sorry I did it. I was so frustrated and tired of coming home or waking up in the middle of the night to see her smeared in feces and struggling to get up and I was so mad at my husband for not letting her be euthinized. He and I had some very big fights over it. My mom and the 3 vets finally convinced him it was time. I loved my dog so much. She was with me for 14 years. I am so sorry she had to suffer and that I wasn't nicer to her toward the end. Her last two days, I sat with her a lot and on her last day with us she was laying on her side and I layed down with her and she licked my face as if to comfort ME. How can anyone think animals do not have souls. I would like to think that that sweet dog was telling me it was ok and that she still loved me. I am so sad right now. If anyone is in the situation I was in, please, be nice to your pet in the short time they have left and please don't let them linger and suffer the way my poor girl did. I love you girl, hope there is lots of tennis balls in doggy heaven and you are burying them in the flower bed again.

12/15/2008 1:34:58 AM

When I was about 7 or 8, I had gotten a new beagle puppy. I was so happy because he was my first puppy and he was my responsibility and not anyone elses. I did take good care of him for the couple months I had him. One day I decided I'd try to teach him to jump over things and other agility stuff. He was doing good and so I gave him a bunch of treats. I left him outside with my other dogs and he knew to stay in the yard. I came back about 10 minutes later and i see him sitting there bored, so I take him to go train some more. He didn't do good so I yelled at him. Then I went back inside and later when I came back out, he wasn't there anymore. He had run away and never came back. Nobody else had seen him either. I really regret yelling at him for no apparent reason because he was really trying too. I just wish I didn't end on a bad note with him.

11/28/2008 1:01:33 AM

One day , my dad and I were driving home and it was the middle of winter and freezing outside . We were one the highway with tons of people around us on the slippery road . When we got to an open field , i looked on the side of the road and saw two GORGEOUS German Shepard's looking as if they were going to cross the highway . There was no one in the fields and no one had stopped to pick the dogs up . So i told my dad to pull over and pick up the dogs , and he told me no ( hes not a very big animal rights guy unfortunately ) . I begged and pleaded to turn around and go get the poor dogs . He just kept telling me no . Luckily , my house was only , 3 minutes away from where we saw the dogs , so right when i got home , i told my mom what happened and ( she is a HUGE animal rights person , just like me !! ) she told me to get back in the car cause we are going to go and get those dogs . So , my mom was speeding down the highway , and when we got to the spot where the dogs were , there was only one dog , alive . The other one had been hit by a car on its attempt to cross the busy highway . Bawling , my mom and i picked up the dogs and took them home . We named him Edward and his friend Jacob . We posted signs and everything , but no one came for Eddy . ( We gave Jake to the vets ) . So , my mom said we couldn ' t have a dog because we travel too much . So she was forced to take him to the SPCA . To this day , i feel terrible . I wished i convinced my dad to pick up Edward and Jacob . . . it breaks my heart

11/20/2008 7:57:19 AM

When I was in grade 5, my father brought home a pet rabbit. I knew that something wasn't right because it was never allowed in the house and my parents aren't really animal people. So we kept poor Bandit in it's cage in the shed all of the time. It hurts to think about it because Bandit was actually taken away from his home because he was never let out of his cage, and here was the same thing happening at our house. For a year in a half he was left in the dark shed. The only time we saw him was to clean his cage everyday. Finally we decided to let him go in the wild where he belonged. I couldn't take him to a shelter because the same thing might have happened again. I couldn't go with my Dad to let him go in the forest, but my Dad said Bandit was so happy to finally stretch his legs and run free. Bandit, wherever to are, we love you and we wanted what was best for you.

11/18/2008 12:26:52 AM

Hearing about people hurting cats is the only thing that makes me murderously angry. I want to torture and kill people that do that. These cats did not deserve that. I am angry I am not doing more to help them. I would get a job as a veterinarian or an attorney who specializes in helping animals, but I am afraid seeing so many animals all the time that are hurt would do some very bad things to me. I know I can only do so much, but that doesn't stop me from feeling guilty I can't help them all.

10/11/2008 2:47:59 PM

I remember, one cold winter night, me and my mom went to a store to pick up a few things. The parking lot was kinda empty, and a few people were still going in. As we left the store, a group of these roudy, messy kids had this beautiful, sleek, brown Pit Bull. It looked strange for such a beautiful animal to be with such loud, dirty, poor looking people. They tied it up to a post outside of the building with a PEICE OF WIRE. Yes, a short little peice of thin wire that was attached to it's coller. NOT a leash. The dog looked scared and upset. Deep down I felt something wasn't right. I remember petting it, and looking into it's eyes. I easilly could've taken it off the pole and away from those kids, who I deeply believed the dog did NOT belong to. Instead I had to leave it there, shaking from fright, ears down, eyes wide and sad and droopy. The next day I read in the newspaper, in the classifides, that a dog EXACTLY matching it's description had gone missing... I still wonder what happened to that dog and I cry whenever I think about it. Wherever it is, I hope its ok.

10/6/2008 8:45:17 AM

I am not confessing for myself but rather for my mother. Last night she smacked our family dog. What happened was that we where having desery around the TV and my grandmother came over for a visit. when my mom went to open the front door our dog cookie, a weaton terrier grabed a piece of her carat cake. which sent my mother into a blind rage and she smacked cookie very hard on her rearend. I begain to scream at my mother and told her how wrong it is to hit animals. However it did not sink in. She counteracted my words with " she ( the dog Cookie) needs to be taught a lesson." I told her you can teacher her a lesson just by telling her. My grandmother, my dads mom I specify because my moms mom is almost as big an animal rights activist as I am, agreed with my mother. My dog had what I would call a doggie panick attack. She was shaking and breathing heavily. Which dosn't come as a surprise to me because she eats more than the average person's share of meat. She also beleives that a mink has no use but for a fur coat. These statments make me cry and want to just smack her. Even though I have explaned to her how a fur coat is made she just dosn't care. I think I am actualy confessing for my whole family. I made the suggestion of a vegan thanksgiving, however I was shot down. My dads dad agrees with his wife on the animal issue. I have managed to get my dad on board with the animal rights movment. He did not understand why red paint is thrown on models that where fur coats. He stated that the damage is already so its okay to buy a fur coat. I explanied to him that by buying a fur coat you cause to store to have to produce another one whice will cause more animals to needlessly die. I am 13 years old and one of my career intrests is to own a luxury clothing line. I pledge to use only faux fur and fake leather and hope to be indorsed by PETA. I don't eat meat and do not shop at stores that sell fur and leather. Thank you all so much for listening and caring for your pets.

10/3/2008 7:01:12 PM

I have a dog, his name is obi. He's under the care of my loving mom, who is already taking care of our other dogs. I left home to work in another city and would go home from time to time. I wish that couldve I spent more time with my dogs and I could've saved enough money to get at least one of them. I will not shop for clothes anymore until I've given my share. I will learn to earn my keep, to keep my dogs. We also have 2 guard dogs, and I both love them very much. Pogi and apple. Its just that ever since we had the toy dogs around, they weren't taken care of much anymore :( I am going to do what it takes for me to be a better human being to be able to take care of my responsibilities. I will give them the love and care that they deserve - for unselfishly guarding the house, giving comfort and companionship and joy to our family. Even if they smell, I will hug them and play with them. If it takes that I *finally* grow up, own up and face up to whatever challenge there is, I will. For my dogs, for my family. God, I thank you for everything good in my life. I feel so ashamed. I hope i can be good to them too.

10/1/2008 5:46:24 AM

When I was in my 20's, I had a dog I raised from a puppy. When she was about 5, I started working full time and had a lot less time to take care of her. She was an medium-large size dog and we lived in an apartment. My boyfriend refused to help take care of her in any way and wanted me to get rid of her since he wanted to move into a living situation where we couldn't have a dog. I ended up taking her to the pound and just tying her up outside--I didn't have the courage to face the people inside. Later, I found out what happens to tamer dogs in pounds that don't get adopted. It's been 30 years later and I still have nightmares about it. I wake up and cry for hours, thinking of what might have happened to her. I loved that dog, she was like my child and during a time of frustration and anger and feeling overwhelmed with demands, I just gave up and pushed her away. I wish, more than anything, that I'd been able to do anything else. I am so ashamed of what I've done that I've never been able to tell anyone. I live in fear that my children might find out one day--I would never be able to face them. We have pets now, but I've never been able to keep a dog again because of the memory of what I've done, and I'm always very vigilant with my kids and myself about not taking on more commitments than you can handle and making sure everyone in the household agrees to any new addition and the subsequent demands before a new pet comes into the house.

9/23/2008 11:09:32 PM

I used to have a pet mouse named Pubaj. We used to be the bestest friends ever. We used to do everything together, he was even my barbies dog. When he passed away from old age, I was devastaed. I think I cried for a whole week. I was literally heartbroken. My mother bought me another mouse, an eqyptian spiny mouse to be exact, in hopes to mend my broken heart. I loved him a lot aswell, but I knew he wasn't Pubaj. I didn't play with him as often, and didn't show as much affection as I had was my first pet mouse. I still feel really bad for this.

9/21/2008 10:18:08 PM

When I was ten years old, my dad and I adopted a cat, Catia from a shelter. She was 6 and had been abused by her previous owners. She was so timid and scared. I thought it was funny to scare her and make her freak out. Most days, I would spook her just to see her jump. Currently, I'm 23 years old and Catia is 19. I feel horrible for how I used to treat her. I try to make it up to her by giving her love and pets. But whenever I visit her at my Dad's house, she still remembers. She always runs away from me and seems so scared of me. I feel horrible for what I did. I'm a vet student and promise that I will never hurt another animal. I only hope that Catia will one day forgive me.

9/20/2008 1:23:44 AM

About 4 years ago I picked up a Jack Russell x named Jazz from the Animal welfare league (AWL), she is a beauty of a dog, and companion. A little under 2 years ago I was offered a Staffy, she had been purchased through a breeder, and the owners didnt introduce the dog to their kids properly, the kids were afraid and they tied it up down the back of the yard. They were about to take the dog to the AWL. I wasnt sure of having a second dog, although I had thought of it as a companion for my first dog. A big mistake on my part, although Kali was a fantastic pet, the two dogs would fight alot when I wasnt home, my neighbour had to throw rocks at them to stop the fighting at times. Adding another dog to my pack was something I was so under prepared for. I simply did not have the time, money or skill to care for 2 dogs. After about 4 months of searching for a new home for her, I took her in to the AWL this morning, and my heart is breaking. I have only one consolation, and that is Jazz, my first dog will get the proper care and attention she requires, and I hope that the AWL can find a loving home for Kali. This experience will haunt me for a long time.

9/23/2008 1:39:22 PM

When I was younger I had hamsters and guinea pigs and geese without thinking about their lives, but I feel really bad about what I did when Iwas older. I got a dog from an animal shelter. He did (and still does) live a good life. He is part of our "pack" and knows it. Because he seemed so happy I got another dog when I was younger, but ended up having to find a home for him because I didnt have the time to take good care of him and the guy in my life kept attacking him (supposedly he got a good home on an expansive ranch where he never had to wear a leash,but the fact remains) I swore never to do the same thing again,but when I got married and thought my life was stable I got another dog from a local animal shelter (and rescued a pregnant cat riddled with worms from a nearby warehouse and ended up keeping two of the kittens who I couldnt find homes for). Things seemed great, the animals seemed to feel really united, the cat and dog even hunted together in the back yard (they cooperatively hunted and ate a couple mice which had invaded the kitchen)and they would all pile into the car together to go for a ride or to go swimming at a local water area. Then I ended up going through a bad divorce and I had to find homes for all the dogs but my old one because I had nowhere to take them. I wasn't able to go back to the house (there was some danger involved in the kind of bad breakup) and I have no idea what happened to the cats. I feel guilty that I took animals into my home without having the future stability to care for them correctly, giving them the feeling like now everything was going to be ok and then abandoning them to who knows what. I've made a commitment to try and avoid the kinds of things I've done in the past (from the guinea pigs to the cats, I didn't really think about their feelings until it was too late.)making sure to think about different animals feelings and future before I interact with them.

9/23/2008 1:30:12 AM

This one is not really a bad confession, but good news. I have a 2 year old budgie. He is very beautiful and multicolored. When I get home from work, he sees me and I see him, its like there could be all the problems in the world, but my parakeet or budgy is the one thing I really look forward to touching, kissing on his back and playing with and talking to when I need someone to make me feel better in my rough days. Animals are such great therapists. I feel god gave me this special creature to me to provide in my time of need. When I see the other stories, it really breaks my heart, and most importantly when I see what slaughterhouses do to animals like pigs and other animals, I just can't watch anymore. Anybody, who has a pet, enjoy all the time you have with that animal and put yourself in its place. Just like people, animals have certain amount of time to survive on this planet, and like people pets should be treated like family, because one day you wake-up and realize their not there anymore to bring joy in your heart and then the pain sets in to deal with the loss. I treasure every day with my budgy, because I know just like God brought him into this world, and I know someday, his time will come to reunite with the lord and the other wonderful creatures in heaven. To some consulation for other people's losses, think of your pets as family, the ones that are gone and have passed on, in the bible it states that someday in heaven just like you will reunite with all the people you know, the same goes with all your pets from the past, I look forward to one day seeing my hamsters and birds again that have reunited with GOD. God bless.

9/22/2008 8:14:43 AM

My new husband's cat was 20 years old and howled constantly if he was alone, day or night. He had one seizure (that we witnessed anyway). We spent what little money we had to get him enemas since he had severe constipation but on the other hand I didn't let him go in certain rooms of the house anymore, complained about him constantly and ignored him when I was in a bad mood. Eventually the howling wore thin on me, and i thought this cat was really cramping my young newlywed babyfever who-wants-an-old-cat-in-your new-fabulous-life style. Eventually I convinced my husband to have him put down, arguing that he was 'so old', confused, etc.. I regret it to this day. Once that needle hits, there is a total silence that moments before you could not imagine. And there is NO TURNING BACK. For someone who has loved animals my whole life and am a vegetarian I CANNOT BELIEVE I was driven to such a lame, selfish, rash act. Fortunately for Scooter it took me many months to 'convince' (and when I say convince I mean badger into submission) his owner/my husband to end his life prematurely but once it was done, IT FELT SO DAMN RUSHED AND I FELT STUPID AND DEVASTATED. I did not know how much I loved the cat and I missed the sound of him howling. Imagine how my husband felt. Scooter taught me about life and death and illness and aging and the value of life EVEN WHEN IT HAS SUFFERED IN QUALITY. We can do a lot. I could have done a lot. I wish I had bathed him or tried. I wish I didn't move him and his stuff to the 'office'. I wish I would chilled the f out and left the house for a while instead. I wish I would have waited so he could have had one more summer. I wish I wish I wish I wish. God Bless You Scooter, 1984-1/15/04. And thank you all for this forum.

9/19/2008 12:57:05 AM

My mother taught me compassion and about cats; she bred Siamese before I was born and stopped around the time I was 12. The Mom cat, Kim, always had her kittens in my bed; she trusted me that much. Poindexter, her son, was my big Siamese who loved me no matter what. My mother had to put him down due to a huge tumor in his stomach. I was too busy with boys to even notice he was sick. I was only able to mourn him years later and cried for a year. I had another cat, Meagan, who had a UTI; I treated her per the vet, but I had been given meds that were taken off the market due to toxicity. At 1am I ran with her in my arms into the ER Vet as she convulsed in my arms. She died the next day. I will never forgive myself. I saw a kitten once and brought her home. My husband (EX now) said no more, so I took her back to where I found her with her littermates. The next day on my way to work, she was dead in the middle of the street, having been ran over by a car. I cried for MONTHS. I also saw a cat get ran over as a biker dude and another driver stopped to help. All three of us took the cat to the nearest vet who said "you have to pay for me to put her down". Jerk. The two men wouldn't take any money from me and they paid for it. The cat was a stray. Riding back to my car, I slipped $40 in the pocket of one of the men's passenger door. I hope he finds it when he really needs it. I am now moving to another state and must give up my mother's cat, Hydee. She is just like my mother who was so gentle and kind (who passed away a year ago), and know the new owners will love her like I do. But it's breaking my heart to let her go. God, I hope I'm doing the right thing. Learn from your mistakes. Love these creatures with all your heart. They can be so hurt, but always give their heart to you.

9/17/2008 10:58:04 PM

When I was younger we had a dog. It got really old and sick and I never played with him anymore. I still cry sometimes knowing that he died lonely.

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