'I Confess …'

Many caring people can look back at a time when they should have done more for an animal. Perhaps at the time, they felt they were just "too busy" or simply "didn’t know any better." Perhaps you used to confine your dog to a crate or chain them outside without realizing this was not what was best for them. Maybe you spent money at a pet store by purchasing a purposely bred animal rather than adopting a homeless one from your local animal shelter.

While we can't change the past, we can learn from it. All of us have the potential to liberate ourselves from our pasts and start anew by confessing our wrongs and beginning to improve the lives of the animals who are in our lives today.

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3/29/2010 12:17:54 AM

I went to a reptile convention last year looking for a new reptile after I let my toads go. I ended up buying a veiled chameleon knowing nothing about the care of this fragile reptile. I ended up spending about $200 dollars on her Reptarium , lighting, bugs for her to eat, a new reptile mister, all my free time and my social life just for her to die 3 months later of metabolic bone disease, plus the $200 dollar vet bill for them to tell me nothing till it was to late. I think if I had read up more before I got my veiled chameleon I might have been able to care better for her.

2/6/2010 10:40:33 PM

Last year i decided to get a pet fish. He was a beta and i always felt a sort of connection to him. But i was not the most responsible owner and didn't clean his bowl much. I decided to clean his bowl one night so i filled up his other bowl and let it sit overnight to warm up and all but in the morning he was dead. If only i had not cared about the temperature he could have lived. I'm so sorry Jasper.

12/8/2009 1:38:25 PM

We lost my beloved tabby, Billy last Thursday and looking back on the last month, I came to realize that the cause was owner neglect and I'm overwhelmed by grief and guilt. In August of 2008, Billy had lost significant weight and was not moving very well. We had brought him into the vet and he was diagnosed as diabetic. Every day I gave him insulin injections twice a day and put him on DM dry, as instructed by our vet. It was really no big deal to do. Billy’s health improved over the weeks and was back to being the robust tabby. It wasn't until I went away this past October of 2009 and my husband was in charge of the shots. When I came back he told me that he hadn't given him the shots, nor had he given him any during two one-week vacations I had taken in June and August of this summer. He said maybe he doesn’t need it since he was always borderline and hearing that some cats diabetes can be maintained with just diet, we thought we were lucky. But I made the grave mistake by not checking initially with the vet and getting his levels checked. All the while he looked fine, but that’s what happens with cats… it’s their nature to not appear vulnerable. Two months later, he started to look bad, not as bad as before, but bad enough. I resumed giving him his shots. And he was meowing very loudly as if trying to tell us something. Before we had a chance to take him to the vet, he was gone and now I'm living with immense grief as well as guilt. He was my first cat and forever loyal to me. Still coming over to me in his final days. I adopted him at 1.5 - 2 years and he was with me for 14.5 years, but he could have been with us longer. The hard part of course was breaking the news to my two girls. We spent the afternoon making pictures and writing letters which we put in the box and buried him later that day.

11/25/2009 3:15:09 AM

I had a cat. My mom got remarried and we moved to a new place. The cat lived with me in the basement. I was hardly home. Most of the time she lived in darkness. I cleaned her litter box rarely. I fed her, but I don't think I fed her enough. I'd push her aggressively some times. Then she got sick. Then she died. Of course there's more to the story - I was troubled kid, but knowing that doesn't make me feel better. So much time has passed and I feel the same guilty pain. I hate myself. I don't believe I can ever forgive myself.

9/28/2009 7:38:57 AM

This isn't so much of a confession of mine, but rather my towns animal shelter. About four years ago, the Cheyenne Animal Shelter euthanized hundreds of dogs due to a "flu outbreak". During the time, my mom had worked there and saw the awful way these dogs were treated. Then, about 2 and a half years ago, my boyfriend and I visited the animal shelter and I absolutely fell in love with a puppy that was then named Jack, now named Reese. I adopted him, and took him home. Two days after I adopted him, he started throwing up and not wanting to eat. We took him to the vet and found out that he had parvo. I don't think that him or other dogs at the shelter had been vaccinated for parvo and maybe even other diseases. The people of our town have had meetings and other holdings to try to get our shelter in better condition, and make it a no-kill shelter. But we haven't suceeded. I honestly don't know what to do about this.

9/5/2009 10:47:42 AM

I have a pet rabbit. While it was my brother who bought him, I am tyhe one who cares for him now. I just wanted to say that rabbits should not be pets, in m opinion. Especially if you don't have very much space to let them run around. I let my rabbit out of his cage every day, but I only have a small area to let him play in. He is almost 13 years old right now and it kills me to think of what a miserable life he's had and how he should have lived his life in the wild. I will never buy a rabbit or a hamster or anything like that again....ever.

8/9/2009 3:21:00 PM

My mom went behind my back and adopted two dogs from a shelter after one of our two cocker spaniels passed away from cancer. I lived with her at the time, and we took care of the three dogs, but my relationship with my boyfriend became serious and I moved in with him out of town and took the remaining cocker with me. Since then my mom gave one dog to my grandmother, who has full time sitters (who hate her and keep her locked up) and has Alzheimers (and the house is filthy and has fleas!), and the other dog lives in my mother's garage in the dark with rarely any water or food! She put an industrial sized fan in there for the poor dog, and installed a doggie door to the backyard, but he isn't the brightest and is scared to use the door. She often goes out of town for days or weeks at a time, and doesn't remember to feed him or check his water before she leaves, or even after she gets back. This dog is ignored for days at a time, even though she sleeps on the other side of the wall from him! I always come check on him when she's going to be away for a day or two, and I've tried to talk her into letting him in the house again, but to no avail. His fur is matted and he lives with his own feces! There are even rats there and he lives with fleas too! Is this animal cruelty? Every time I see him I feel awful, but don't know what I can do about it. He is rather large and doesn't get along with my boyfriend's cats. Does anyone have any suggestions? arasputinafan@aol.com

9/29/2009 8:35:28 PM

I was a freshman in college when I bought Jayla, my toy yorkie. I wanted her because I had been giving a yorkie when I was younger and he had pasted away. I was living alone, studying all the time and felt I need a little companion to come home to. Mind you this is before I learnt of puppy-mills which I am totally against. But I purshased her and I instantly feel in love. She was everything I had been looking for in a pet, smart, playful and full of energy. I ended up moving around a lot, but she was always in tow. Until I had moved into one apartment that didnt allow pets. I brought her with me anyways, soon the landlord gave me the option of moving out or getting rid of Jayla. I couldnt afford to move so I took her to my moms where I could trust that she was going to be okay until I figured something out. My step-dad allowed her in the house for a short time then they put her out side. When I would go in she knew who I was, she would run to get her toys so I would play with her then want to climb in my lap and curl up in a ball and sleep. They did have a nice bed and house for her but it broke my heart and I felt like the worst person in the word. Everytime I would come in I had her favorite treats and special dog food. I would try to give her all the attention she wanted because I knew I was leaving soon and I could swear she knew it too. Whe I would go to leave she would jump in the car and into her ''use-to-be'' seat and stare like she was ready to go. I hate myself for that. Jayla also got a bad skin irritaion from the weather I suppose but I never let her go without taking her the vet for the least little thing. In one month Jayla will be coming home to me and I cant wait. The only advice I suggest is not to buy a dog, adopt, and when you adopt, make sure you have a stable enviroment for your new friend, because like humans they get depressed and miss you like anyone one else. I hope she forgives me. She is truely everything to me.

8/14/2009 4:46:28 PM

My cat Royal, a flame point Himalayan, was diagnosed with renal failure in late May 2009. The vet I went to was cautious with me about how much time Royal had left but said it could be anywhere from months to years. I was excited by this prognosis and we started him on a treatment plan. A month after diagnosis we took him in for tests to see how he was doing. I thought he was doing great, he was more playful and had stopped losing weight. His fur was getting back to its old self. But the doctor called the following Monday and said Royal's numbers were bad. He was developing anemia and he thought he might have lymphoma. He wanted to do a test for it that would cost 300 dollars. He also said in his experience that cats who get anemia deteriorate rapidly. Although I was depressed, I said let's do the test. But then the next day, either Royal or our other cat Flash peed on our new couch. My wife was really upset about this and we were fighting all the time and I thought Royal was in for at best a few months of torturous treatments so I said let's go put him to sleep. I couldn't take all the stress. Now I know I made the worst mistake of my life and I feel guilt that I know will always be with me. I'm not even sure it was Royal that peed but if it was it was because we only had one litterbox for two cats and he was using it all the time, and I only usually cleaned it every other day. I know now that Himalayans are very picky about litterboxes and I know that this was a primary reason for us rushing to put him to sleep. I hate myself so much and wish that I could take this decision back so badly. I miss Royal and regret that in his most sincere time of need, I turned my back on him. I am sorry Royal. I loved you so much but did not show it. You were my sweet boy.

7/8/2009 6:49:37 AM

About 6 yrs ago when i was working in South Africa at a nice hotel, our maintenance manager just got some puppies and i was really wanting one. I talked with my then ex husband and he agreed. We got frodo who was a beagle mix and he was the cutest puppy but VERY hyperactive. A year later due to some personal events i had to move back to Mauritius (my home island) and i tried everything in my power to get him to Mauritius. Unfortunately it would take a long time before he got here and lots of money. I was able to find a home for him with a nice family but he was too hyper for them so they sent him to the SPCA!! I was soo sad and a couple months later i went back for a holiday where i worked and i stopped at the SPCA and saw him and it broke my heart. I cried for days after and decided i would write a letter to the town newspaper explaining his story (I did all that from back home) I eventually heard that he got adopted by a farmer on a huge ranch.. Never heard from him again. Wherever you are Frodo hope that you are a happy pup!! I miss you and think about u all the time and thank you for sharing a year of your life with me!!!

7/6/2009 2:17:52 AM

Today my dog died due to my stupidity. I tied the dog to my garage while I cooked. She was always so well behaved and calm that I didn't think any thing would happen to her. When my friend when to check her she had tangled herself and didn't look alive. I didn't know what to do as I blanked out on my knowledge of cpr. I was so upset I was in shock. I could have saved her I feel horrible but I will do my best to take care of any animals I come in contact with and love them and value their lives. Rest in Peace LuLu. :(

7/5/2009 7:21:43 AM

When I was 6 or 7 years old, I was really excited by the frogs and newts that lived in our pond. I used to play with them in the garden. One day I had a friend round and we decided to bring the frog into my room in a little tub of water so we could play with him, then put him back when my friend went home. I heard my mother coming up the stairs and panicked, because I thought she'd kill both me AND the frog if she saw it in my room. In a panicky decision I decided the only way aorund it would be to chuck the water and frog out the window, which was about 10 feet above the ground and onto the grass. Instead the frog landed about 4 feet down onto a small canopy. We tried washing it off with water but it wouldn't move. Eventually my mother saw the water falling down from another room and came up and climbed down the window to get the poor frog. He was alive, thank god, and she put him back after that. I have felt terrible every day of my life for that. I hpoe the frog can forgive my childish foolishness.

7/5/2009 12:25:13 AM

i had a pet rat when i was in 3-4 grade. she got heart decease and i stayed home from school the day we had schedualed her to be put down. i held her with me for a long time and put her back in her cage. i thought she went to sleep but i felt in my heart that she had died, im not sure if i was afraid of touching her or what, but i never looked back into the cage. i feel extremely guilty that she died alone and sad.

7/4/2009 8:27:49 PM

A friend of mine was giving away kittens and I offered to take one. When I arrived she asked me to take two, which I naively did. About a month later, I had to abruptly move out of my apartment, unsure of exactly where I would be moving to and certainly in no position to be able to pay a pet deposit as I was unemployed at the time. I took the kittens to the Human Society. My plan was to call back in a few days to make sure they were adopted, however on the way home (karma?) I was in a car accident, breaking my hand. In all of the chaos of getting my hand cared for, car totaled and moved out, I failed to do so. My only hope is that the kittens were adopted, but I will never really know.

3/27/2009 9:23:20 AM

About 8 years ago, I decided that I wanted a cat even though my apartment building didn't allow them. I got a kitten for free out of a newspaper ad, and had him for two months. Eventually my landlord saw him one day, and informed me I had 3 days to either get rid of him or move out. I didn't know what to do, all the no-kill shelters in my area had long waiting lists and advised me that a little kitten would fare well in a Humane Society. So that's where I took my little guy. I should have been more mature and realized that I needed to live in a situation that allowed animals before getting one. Having a pet is a commitment for life, and I didn't stand by my commitment. I hope that my stupidity and immaturity didn't cause the death of a wonderful little cat.

3/21/2009 12:34:55 AM

A few years ago, when my mom was pregnant with my sister, my dad found a stray pit bull. He brought him home, and we named him Buddy. Buddy was my best friend... and I swear to God, he was human. He smiled, and he listened. We had to put Buddy down about a year ago because he had cancer. Buddy, wherever you are right now, I think about you every day... I love you and miss you. Rest in Peace baby.

3/9/2009 12:21:51 PM

About 14 years ago I was going through a divorce and decided that I couldn't keep our cat (which I brought to the marriage). I figured that my ex and my two stepdaughters would be loving companions, so I said that they could have him. A couple of months later he said that he had to give the cat to a woman who absolutely loved Persians and that he was at a good home. At the time I thought that was OK. I can't tell you how I have been haunted by guilt by not taking my cat with me. I have cried and asked for his forgiveness (if somehow he can hear me -- I know it's a stretch but my girlfriend swears her dead dog visited her) -- I am stilled wracked by guilt. I am now an animal lover that knows no bounds. PETA is even in my Will! I give money to animal charities (as well as PETA of course), but I feel what I did was reprehensible and I am trying to forgive myself but it's so hard. I love him and miss him and hope he was happy (if my ex was telling the truth). I can only now try to make this up to other animals in honor of him.

2/27/2009 3:25:42 PM

After nine months, I still miss you terribly. I cry each and everyday for you. I cry in the shower so no one can hear me. A part of my heart is broken forever and I truly hope I will get to see you again one day. I hope you are having fun Jack playing in dog heaven, you were the most wonderful dog and best friend I've ever had. Here is my secret: I love being around animals more than humans...

2/8/2009 10:45:40 AM


2/3/2009 12:46:29 PM

Growing up we always had dogs or cats, we never took them to the vet or kept them for more than a year or two. I was too little to notice or care. I don't really know what happened to any of them, they were just there and then they weren't. Now that I'm older and on my own, my cat and dog are very well taken care of. They go to the vet frequently and eat the best food the pet stores sell. We love them and play with them every day. I'm sorry to all my childhood pets.

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